AUDIO: King Royal And Lil Noodle – “Wholelottaguap”

King Royal and Lil Noodle are making waves with their new single, ‘Wholelottaguap.’ The tune stays out of the box for the duration, and it’s refreshing to see the pair stretching the boundaries of modern sounds.

Fresh from the underground, the rappers take us on a voyage that we remember for all the right reasons. Furthermore, both artists know how to excite the senses, and they do it here with this new performance.

‘Wholelottaguap’ is a resonant song that takes cues from various sources and has a modern hip-hop lead aura while including the ingredients from past classics. It’s a successful hybrid that opens new doors for the pair, and it allows them to attract fans of today’s contemporary music.

With a solid vocal leading the way and a spirited instrumental driving the track onward, there’s plenty of dynamism to keep the track on top of the excitement levels. The pair share joy and hope, and they speak about jumping over obstacles and doing everything possible to reach their objective.

This music on ‘Wholelottaguap’ is a powerful selling feature, and they are not afraid to experiment with new parts in their mix. It also hints where they might be going with future releases, which hopefully won’t be too far away.

You can listen here.

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