AUDIO: C.T. – “D.W.M.D.: Dancing With My Devils”

C.T. has a new album out, and he gets incredibly personal on his new release, “D.W.M.D.: Dancing With My Devils.” The talk isn’t all internal, though, as there are plenty of healthy jabs at artists that lack the drive C.T. exhibits on these 14 tracks. Features from K. Mitch, Mo’City, Velly Slums, AK Stackz, Grey Genius and Ray Rizzy keep things varied up, though the central themes of the project remain. Whether he’s reaching internally or putting his attention outward, C.T. remains poised on the microphone, and the flows from the features maintain that same energy. C.T. has been known to bring the quality on all of his projects to date, and “D.W.M.D.” is par for the course and then some. Listen to the album below:

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