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AUDIO: Grey Genius – “Hold This 4 A Min: II”

For some time now, Grey Genius has been one of Milwaukee’s premier R&B artists to be watching. Just a month ago she released her “Hold This 4 A Min” EP and she’s got the second part out now. It’s four songs; two are just her, one enlists Milwaukee artist Das Solo and another features Chicago artist Jamari Mikell. She lets

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AUDIO: Grey Genius – “Hold This 4 A Min: The First Part”

R&B songstress Grey Genius dropped a new EP recently. It’s four tracks where Genius passionately affirms her love for someone, but they’ve got some stuff to work out. “My” is a song about having something genuine with someone and having their back through thick and thin, “Willing” touches on when love gets difficult, “Old You” confronts things not being the

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AUDIO: Grey Genius – “My”

R&B artist Grey Genius has a new single out today. It’s about having something real and trustworthy with someone else; Genius sings about this person knowing her insides and knowing how she’s feeling at all times, so she’s got their back no matter what. She’s incredibly heartfelt and honest here; there’s an a cappella version of the song available as

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AUDIO: Dassolo – “Pieceofmind”

Hip hop artist Dassolo is out with his long-anticipated debut album. A central theme of this body of work is the role that turning up has for Solo; the world is a complicated and pressurized place where you constantly question your worth, so drinking and making music is what helps him make sense of it. This is expanded upon in

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AUDIO: Grey Genius – “Open”

R&B-hip hop artist Grey Genius’ latest single is one about pushing yourself to your limits. Her lyrics here mention never being able to relax and that everything is a test. She’s grateful for what she has but it’s not enough. Luckily, she is working at her own pace and isn’t worried about how others feel. It’s a common creative complex

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