AUDIO: Reggie Bonds Featuring Troy Tyler & Grey Genius – “Beautiful!”

After a considerable amount of time away, following the release of 2018’s “Stream Of Consciousness, Pt. 1”, Reggie Bonds is back with a new single. “Beautiful!” features Troy Tyler & Grey Genius, and an immense amount of Black pride to it. For an artist that made his name initially with a mask on and borderline horrorcore music, Bonds has evolved immensely as an artist. With a similar production sound to it, “Beautiful!” feels like the track that Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead” should have been, had anyone other than Kanye put it out. Tyler and Grey Genius put an extensive stamp on the track as well, with a very uplifting feel to their vocal parts. It’s good to see Reggie Bonds releasing new music, and especially with this substance to it. Check out “Beautiful!” below:

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