AUDIO: 780 Masochist – “Memories”

780 Masochist lands a new gem on the hip hop realm with ‘Memories’, and, like his past songs, he doesn’t hold back with a compelling delivery that even the most adamant will find difficult to resist.

The new track begins with a synth overture that has an otherworldly feel to it. It is essential from the start, and it lays the road for the future. The compound gradually builds, with a huge vocal sample echoing out of the mix before a rising bassline meets a booming hip hop beat in style.

The charming rap delivery of 780 Masochist then takes us on a journey, bolstering his name in the hip hop world. His story is empowering, and he addresses a problem that many people can relate to slipping away from a loved one.

Musically, the entire tune is brimming with energy, and 780 Masochist’s unique direction is noteworthy. He is one-of-a-kind, but he draws inspiration from the greats, resulting in a blend of what we already know with a new depth. In addition, as the track proceeds, 780 Masochist frequently flips the structure on its head.

It’s thrilling, and it clings like a glove. You can take a listen to ‘Memories’ by 780 Masochist by clicking here.

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