VIDEO: Fuzzysurf – “Surfana”

Indie rockers Fuzzysurf are never ones to disappoint when it comes to new videos, and that reins true for their latest clip, “Surfana.” The track is from their 2020 “Sweet Tooth” album, and is one of the more angst-fueled songs on the record. Frontman Sean Lehner vocally plays a burnt out dude over a low buzzing guitar well, and the song breaks open for a big chorus that can feel anthemic at points. It’s the kind of big song that Fuzzysurf has been capable of for some time, but the track realizes its full potential with a new video, featuring the band jamming and living in an all-Fuzzysurf apartment. This feels like one of many tracks that could truly take the band to a new level, and you can check out the video below:

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