Listen to Nappy 01’s Newest Album ‘jdm & heartbreak’

Jdm & heartbreak’ by Nappy 01’ is his newest album. The artist says, ‘This is the type of music I did when I first started making music, for the past 3 years I have been experimenting with different sounds and this is the result after coming back to the type of music that made me want to start my career. I tapped in with a french producer named Milanezie for most of the album because I wanted to have a fresh sound for my fans. I also produced one song sampling Yung Lean “Yoshi city” just because I wanted to show homage. I’m brutally honest about my feelings and what’s going on when it comes to my love life and I feel like my fans can relate to that because what I’m saying is raw. The music is all mixed by me, I’m very picky with my beats, I like to do as much as I can by myself so I would say the music is raw too, everything is just me being myself so I think I will attract fans who can relate.’

The artist has a very light voice and this album is very plugg influenced (plugg is a subgenre that originated from mexikodro, stoopidxool, and the beatpluggz). Pop and R&B influence is all over the album as well.

90% of this album was nappy 01’ just sitting in front of his mic and thinking of what to say on the spot. He usually writes his albums but he wanted to try something new. The artist ended up finishing this album pretty quickly, quicker than usual. His feelings naturally went into the songs because the lyrics were really relating to stuff he was thinking about, like girl problems, people acting weird towards him etc. 

The artist is influenced by jdm cars (nissan skyline, mazda rx7) and likes to rap about them often. He is also inspired by anime (initial d, one piece, cowboy bebop) and what he goes through on a day to day basis.

The artist is currently listening to boofpaxkmooky, duwap kaine, c2d, because they bring something different to the table they don’t sound like everyone else.

Nappy 01’ wants to thank his fans for the support, ‘Thank you for growing with me, I have been rapping since 2016 when I was 15 years old. I’m going to keep pushing forever so I hope you are there with me when I make it.’

Listen to ‘jdm & heartbreak’ on Spotify.

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