AUDIO: Tochi – “Hold Me Lord”

Gospel singer and songwriter, Tochi is reaching out to spread joy with her release, ‘Hold Me Lord’. The track is a feel-good reflection of her faith, and it leaves a long-lasting impression as it progresses.

Tochi has an innovative approach to music, but she creates a sound that is not too dissimilar to the greatest gospel tracks which have risen previously. Furthermore, she adopts an orthodox vocal technique, but she brings a novel edge like no other with her musical foundation.

The music propels an African style groove to the vanguard, and it proves challenging to resist once it gets into full swing. Furthermore, the drums tap away with joyous cadence, and the synth which echoes around the mix leaves us gripping to every note.

Expressing herself with no dissonance, Tochi reiterates how she is looking to get closer to the Lord. She is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, and it is delightful to hear an artist being candid in a space where many others hide their innate beliefs. Also, she unleashes her message in a through-provoking way; it is empowering.

Tochi leverages her vocal qualities in the closing stages, but unexpectedly she takes on a new route with a robotic effect dripping from her delivery. It is quite the paradox to the intro, yet it builds the soundscape and adds to the already salient mix.

‘Hold Me lord’ is the type of track that gets better with every playthrough, and it paves the way forward for the genre with Tochi at the forefront.

You can listen here.

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