‘Single No More’ by Artist Teebo Is A Song About Falling In Love Again After A Heartbreak

Single No More’ by Artist Teebo is a track about finding a unique individual that is not like the others. However, it is hard to say ‘I love you’ back, after having many heartbreaks in the past. We use a defence mechanism at first, and ask ourselves questions before jumping into the new relationship. The artist says that his fans will relate to this song because ‘his music involves love and reassurance to validate if those three words are valid or not because no one wants to fall into the same pit called “heartbreak” again.’

The artist’s musical influences for the song were John Legend, John P. Kee and Michael McDonald. Artist Teebo would love to collaborate with Bun B in the future.

Artist Teebo was the one who produced the instrumental to the single ‘Single No More’. ‘As I was creating the beat on FL Studio, it felt as if the beat itself was telling me its story, of how it was telling me ‘Do you really love me?’ I know it sounds corny but hear me out. After I finished the beat, I instantly started writing to see what would come out of it. Turns out I ended up exposing my own inner thoughts and concerns about being in love, and how many questions I’m willing to ask to protect myself from falling in the deep end with Love.’

The artist currently has a rare gem of an EP called ‘The Prologue Pt. I’, which has four tracks. He is currently working on his LP called ‘The Prologue Pt II’. However, he will release two more singles this upcoming summer before we get the chance to enjoy his upcoming LP.

Artist Teebo is currently using social media to get his name out there since he is an independent artist. When asked about his fans, he says, ‘I would love to tell them I’m deeply humbled, and 100% grateful to them all because I honestly feel like I don’t belong in Today’s Image or Standard of Hip-Hop. The fact they support me despite me being a non-explicit artist who sings, raps, produces, and writes his own tracks, and not afraid to dab into other genres besides Hip-Hop and R&B is a blessing to me, and I thank God for them all.’

Listen to ‘Single No More’ on Spotify.


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