AUDIO: Jbwai – “Busy Body Remix”

Jbwai smashes home with his new remix of ‘Busy Body’. The latest version, which sees the rapper team up with Ko-C, oozes captivating charm, and it brings a summer groove that is challenging to tame.

Based in Canada, Jbwai is flying up the echelon, and he proves his prowess here with this release. Vocally, the hitmaker occupies a unique flair that instantly makes him stand out to his peers. So much so, he is no mirror reflection of anyone currently leaping out of the scene, and it gives him a competitive advantage which he leverages from the get-go.

Musically, the track is a radiant beam with eclectic sounds rising out of the mix as it progresses. Furthermore, it kicks off with a reggae groove which Jbwai fuses with Latin influence. The beat gets the foot-tapping in a frenzy, and the groovy texture leaves a long-lasting impression with its feel-good cadence. Likewise, the innovative use of guitar adds to the already compelling soundscape.

As far as remixes go, this one is up there with one of the most potent. The addition of Ko-C brings a new edge to the original, and it paves the way forward for the rapper. But is it going to be enough to cement Jbwai’s name in the 2021 songbook? Only time will tell, but given its infectious charm, it will be no surprise to see this one taking a giant leap in the coming months.

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