AUDIO: Young Deuces – “All I Ever Wanted Was An Opportunity”

Hip hop artist Young Deuces dropped a new album today. Over eleven tracks Deuces gets political, honest, and unapologetic. He raps about the socioeconomic issues that have plagued his friends and family, from poverty to racism to drugs to confrontations with the police. Hard times can make it difficult to trust people, and he confronts this distrust as a means of survival. He also touches on how the system does everything in its power to prevent Black folks from achieving their dreams, and his refusal to succumb to what’s rigged against him. With the final track “Say Goodbye” Deuces reminds us all to hold onto every ounce of positivity and memories you have with your loved ones, since you never know what could be your last with them. Fellow artists Burgie Streetz, Grafh, Dear Silas, Princess Beverly Ann, Michael Christmas, and Eazy Hayes all make features and relate to him a bit. It’s a viscerally compelling record about hardships, radical thought, and finding power within yourself against all odds. We can imagine Young Deuces will have visuals to come soon.

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