AUDIO: Sabi Pitt – “Change The World”

Sabi Pitt releases another influential release, and he gets his message across in a transparent fashion with ‘Change The World’.

Fed up with modern society, Sabi speaks candidly about the harsh truths of contemporary life. But, he cleverly fuses his poignant narrative into a feel-good reggae-pop groove, and his approach leaves an indent for all the right reasons.

‘Change The World’ kicks off with a guitar rhythm that strums with an ethereal quality. Also, a harmonious synth arrangement accompanies the overture to add an instant sentimental essence to the mix. Sabi then rises to the top of the compound and does not hold back with his thought-provoking wordplay: ‘Stab a needle in your face’. He is courageous, and his spirited performance is empowering. His message becomes even more profound as he progresses, and he gets us gripping onto his every note in the chorus.

Catchy and alluring, the new track from Sabi takes a giant leap forward in the right direction. It is an honest reflection of what many have to deal with daily, and his approach evokes a strong feeling of wanting to make a positive change in a world that needs our help more than ever.

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