AUDIO: Breeze Redwine – “Money”

Breeze Redwine releases potentially the catchiest country-pop song to grace our ears in recent times with ‘Money’.

Speaking with honest words, Breeze Redwine enjoys living for authentic experiences and not chasing the money which many do in the capitalistic world. She is fresh, and her arrival to the country scene could not have come at a better time given the genre’s popularity.

Based in the UK, Breeze Redwine adopts a more American approach to her music, but she does it well, and she does not sound like a Nashville ripoff, far from it. Instead, she bolsters her own reputation as one of the hottest country names to leap out of the UK in 2021.

‘Money’ is a joyous release with an upbeat tempo that keeps the excitement flowing from start to finish. Also, the guitar riffs cut through the speakers with charming flavour. The six-string tone is sharper than the serpent’s tooth, and it leaves the mouth-watering with its timbre.

Likewise, the drum rhythm often pivots, which gives the track a constant fresh edge as it progresses. The solo bridge in the latter showcases Breeze Redwine’s top-class vocal prowess, and it provides the more prominent names in the country game a genuine run for their cash with her performance smashing through the speakers.

Overall, ‘Money’ is a compelling release from Breeze Redwine. The lyrics are meaningful, and the music is equally as influential. So much so, it will be interesting to hear her subsequent releases. But given the quality of this one, we will be in for a treat with her next.

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