AUDIO: Pendrop Poet – “Journals of a Demi Male Poet”

Pendrop Poet is a non-binary, demi-male poet, and they give you a glimpse into their world on a new project, “Journals of a Demi Male Poet.” While the production is all over the place, the lyrics are the focal point on this record, as they are incredibly personal details of an internal battle. It’s a glimpse into a reality that differs from many, but also at its core is relatable to everyone that has dealt with some form of identity crisis. With 17 tracks in total, and no real limit on song lengths, the rulebook is tossed out here, letting Pendrop Poet get their full expression out for however long is necessary. It’s a good time to get a look into someone else’s world, and this is a firsthand account of that. Check out the album below:

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