AUDIO: Loey Norquist – “North by Norquist”

Singer-songwriter Loey Norquist has a new record out on Mood Vertigo Music – her first in thirty years! Produced by John Sieger, Norquist lays out a calm and reserved blend of folk, pop, and rock over twelve tracks here. She took quarantine to refine this eclectic appreciation of style into a myriad of subject matters ranging from provocative lust in “Come in My Love” to soul-fulfilling companionship in “Dream” to dealing with pessimism in “Mr. Negativity” to confronting hate and fear in “Paper Tiger.” Loey Norquist walks us through eras of sonic elegance and a lifetime of experiences with this record. She confronts conflict with optimism and confidence, which is encouraging for all who have so much ahead of them. It truly feels like a walkthrough of life’s trials, told by someone who’s been through it all.

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