AUDIO: Thomas Atlas – “Halfway To The Moon”

New Music Friday is always best served with a bit of funk, and this week we have the splendid release ‘Halfway To The Moon’ by Thomas Atlas.

On his way to the top, Thomas compels with his signature feel-good grooves smashing down the industry gates. It kicks off with a jolly blue guitar riff which many will compare it to some of the most fantastic funk and blues deliveries. As soon as the overture concludes, the mix hits real impact, with Thomas leading the path with his hook echoing around the mixture with a poppy angle.

Infallible, with his approach, ‘Halfway To The Moon’ keeps the Birmingham man’s hype train in motion. He is getting better and better, and he pulls off an anthem here, which will still be ringing out come the summer months. Also, it is not just his infectious vocal performance that hits the nail firmly on the head. Furthermore, the musical accompaniment is as influential.

Fusing nu-funk with archaic melodies, the track takes on a direction of its own. It is not a million miles away from the top funk chart, but it also brings a unique concept to the table. Furthermore, many sources of influence appear to have made the final cut, but Thomas stays loyal to what he does best, and that is delivering upbeat funk, which gets the foot tapping.

So, what is next for Thomas? Most likely, he will keep exploring this new style of funk. But, one thing is evident, 2021 is going to be his year!

You can take a listen to ‘Halfway To The Moon’ by Thomas Atlas below. Also, be sure to follow Thomas Atlas on his official social media accounts. I am sure there will be plenty more gems like this one on the way very soon. Well, let’s hope so anyway because this one is a treat!

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