AUDIO: Josiah Mortimer – “This Town”

Brixton based acoustic singer-songwriter, Josiah Mortimer is fresher than a bag of apples with his latest four-track EP, ‘This Town’.

The EP which is out now is a genuine reflection of the world currently. Josiah speaks about the city’s beautiful view without crowds which has unfolded due to the COVID-19 lockdowns. Speaking of the lockdown, the entire EP is a dedication to the pandemic heroes of modern times. Also, Josiah is doing his bit too by donating all the EP funds to the UK’s FareShare charity. Fareshare specialises in helping to feed the most deprived in society.

Every tack on this EP is nail-biting. The story flows with expertise and each track charms, all bringing an unparalleled beauty. However, the lead track ‘This Town’ is the big hitter. The acoustic guitar rhythm has a deep sense of warmth, and it sounds full in the mix, which is vital, given that it is the primary instrument in the entire piece. Nevertheless, a hint of electric does appear at times with a few licks leaping out in sections.

Vocally, Josiah has an unconventional approach to singing. He takes hints from the acoustic greats for sure, but he sounds unique. Maybe it is his accent creating this new aura? He spent a lot of his youth living in Cornwall, and now resides in London; therefore, perhaps the accents’ conflict gives him an advantage. Nevertheless, Ed Sheeran vibes do subtly rise out from his delivery, and although Ed isn’t one of Josiah’s main influences, it appears he has subconsciously had an impact.

Be sure to follow Josiah on his official social media accounts below to keep up to date with new music. Additionally, to help raise donations to FareShare, head over to Josiahs official Bandcamp page here.

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