VIDEO: Corey Pieper – “M.I.A. ft. Wisco YD”

Hip hop artist Corey Pieper has the long-anticipated video out to his song “M.I.A.” with Wisco YD. Directed by PhillyFlyBoy, the story depicts YD telling Pieper that his grandpa is getting his church taken away. The music starts as a posse of nuns take up arms and go after the ones that stole the church. The money gets splattered with blood in the process, so the nuns wash each hundred dollar bill and hang them up individually on a clothesline. Pieper and YD then have lobster, bottles, and candles with the nuns as they take what is rightfully theirs. It’s an elaborate scheme that takes immense creative risks, amplified by Flyboy’s intensely suspenseful shots.

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