VIDEO: J.D. “The Chief” FT. Mista Marcus – “Psycho”

J.D. “The Chief” and Mista Marcus teamed up recently to explore an abandoned warehouse on Milwaukee’s South Side…and they made a music video out of it! The pair introduce the first edition of “High and Haunted” and mention that there’s been murders in this place as they smoke a blunt. Once they enter, things immediately take a turn for the worse as they find blood and amputated body parts lying around. They go upstairs and get attacked, and that’s where the music starts. The song combines gory horror with the rappers’ metaphoric horror in a clever juxtaposition. Ending with JD sharing a blunt with the killer, we’re reminded why we don’t smoke weed and enter creepy buildings. but in the most entertaining way possible. Not for the queasy.

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