AUDIO: Eric Blowtorch And The Bodyguards – “Take You Away”

Mutlti-genre hybrid Eric Blowtorch has a new single, which was recorded from the comfort of home due to the pandemic. With elements of world music, surf rock, ska and more, the track has a strong galloping beat to it. Lyrically, the song is appropriately about kidnapping someone in order to give them a better life. The band does their best, however, to make kidnapping sound as fun as possible. It’s another really fun sounding track from Blowtorch and his band, and there’s likely more productive work happening than meets the eye. Check out the track below:

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  • Thanks for the love, Allan! I wasn’t thinking kidnapping when I wrote the lyrics; I was more trying to poke some fun at the knight-in-shining-armor complex. But I guess absconding is sort of inherent in such an expression as the chorus, innit?

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