AUDIO: Minna Ora – “Sea”

Minna Ora delights with her new release, ‘Sea’. It is the type of track which will catapult you far from the craziness of the modern world into a realm where only serenity flows.

Fusing modern indie with nostalgic folk, Minna smashes the nail on the head with a vocal which is challenging to refuse. It all kicks off as it means to go on with a guitar rhythm which gradually hits the melting point with Minna’s backing harmonies leaping forward and a piano arrangement which will warm up your cockles.

Vocally, Minna sings with genuine confidence. She also produces a theatrical style which is refreshing. Especially, given the number of tracks in the modern game which stay too close to the status quo. Her message also leaves a longlasting indent with her topic being about the beauty of nature. Her story is almost tangible, with her meaning hitting hard.

Musically, the entire track is unorthodox, which I enjoy. It has a crushing rhythm which hits with thunderous bite. Also, the tones and sounds give the mix a new texture which makes Minna stand out like a sore thumb. But, for all the right reasons.

Overall, ‘Sea’ is the gem which keeps on giving every time I hit play. Although, I would enjoy the structure to change every once in a while to keep the excitement flowing. Nevertheless, the energy drips like a leaking tap, and if this track is anything to go by, then we are all in for a treat with Minna’s upcoming releases.

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