VIDEO: Dyzzi Featuring KReal, Chaz, Eli $tones, Marques and AMerikkken – “Leaders Of The Midwest”

One of the main complaints in the generational divide of hip hop is that the feeling of previous eras is disrespected by the newer schools. However, the latest single and video from Dyzzi From DivSel is a very big exception to that, with an homage to posse cuts on “Leaders Of The Midwest.” With six emcees encompassing several cities all coming together, it feels like a cypher in the form of a single, and the gritty video from Chrisp feels reminiscent of the VHS tapes that previously showcased cuts like this. If you thought that the spirit of golden era hip hop was gone in the present day, it merely is harder to find, but artists like this keep the feeling alive. Check out the video below:

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