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AUDIO: Eli $tones – “Everything I Got”

Hip hop artist Eli $tones is back already with a new joint this week. We won’t lie – it’s a somber one. $tones raps about fighting to stay in control; he doesn’t know who to trust because his heart’s been played with so much. It temps him to burn every bridge but all he can do is just keep his

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AUDIO: Eli $tones – “Truthful”

Seasoned hip hop artist Eli $tones dropped another single on Valentine’s Day. This one is produced by Ricci; $tones assures a girl that he’s not ignoring her, but that he’s focused on securing the bag so that he can give her anything she wants. It’s a personal testament to balancing romance with grind, which $tones has certainly touched on before

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AUDIO: Eli $tones – “Jump Force”

Hip hop artist Eli $tones has officially kicked off his new year with a fresh single. He plays with a Far Eastern-type beat over some heavy bass, rapping about not being with the drama and just doing what he wants. There’s the right amount of flex that doesn’t get too cocky; $tones knows he’s earned his title as a formidable

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