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AUDIO: Eli $tones – “$ticks & $tones”

Hip hop artist Eli $tones released a new album this past week. $tones has never been one to keep shit in, and he continues his streak of brutal honesty and emotional vulnerability with tracks about getting left in the dark, giving it all he’s got, losing himself to pressure, and even a loving ode to his mother. His eyes are

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AUDIO: King Myles & Eli $tones – “Almighty”

Hip hop artist King Myles and Eli $tones teamed up for a new single recently. It’s a Spacecrime-produced banger about feeling amazing as you work hard to secure the bag, not being fazed by the disrespect from those below you. King Myles and Eli $tones stay in the fast lane as they collect the paper; nothing can stop them. The

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AUDIO: Eli $tones – “Seen Myself”

Hip hop artist Eli $tones’ latest single finds him addressing the times he’s lost sense of who he is. He’s looked in the mirror and seen foolishness, and he finds himself around fewer and fewer people. That said, he’s worked too hard to get to where he’s at, so he’s determined not to give attention to those who keep him

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