AUDIO: Tanaka Makoni – “The Streets”

Tanaka Makoni is pushing herself more in-depth into the history books with her new release ‘The Streets’.

It is a track which speaks for the generation with meaningful lyrics cementing themself profoundly from the get-go. It all kicks off with a gentle overture with Tanaka resonating quickly with her opening melody. Also, the intro carries a serene direction before becoming more potent in the verse.

Tanaka greets the mic with conviction, and she sings with genuine honesty. So much so, her vocals are nearly tangible with us almost being able to reach out and touch her emotion. Also, her angelic tone carries weight as she delves into her substantial vocal range.

As the track progresses, we hear Tanaka’s vocal change shape regularly. Additionally, she unleashes a contagious backing harmony which adds even more potency to the already full sound. For me, I relish how the track flows excitement for the entirety. As a result, at no point does it become dull despite the rhythm carrying a relatively condensed pace.

Overall, ‘The Streets’ is everything which we all need right about now. It boasts a feel-good vibe but yet the storyline is piercing. Also, this new single proves why Tanaka is one of the most refreshing artists to leap out of the underground hip hop scene in recent times.

So, is this track going to take Tanaka to the top spots? I can see no reason to doubt it. After all, it is giving some of the bigger hitters a run for their money with its top-class quality.

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