AUDIO: Motel Breakfast – “Left On Deming”

After releasing the project as a collection of weekly singles, Motel Breakfast’s latest EP, “Left On Deming” is fully released today. While each track warranted a week of time to marinate properly, the whole is definitely better than the some of the individual parts, though all six songs felt worthy of getting the single treatment leading up to the release. Songs like “Signs” and recent drops “Sandman” and “Can’t Be Tamed” all play just a little better in the context of the full release, and it’s a landmark moment for a band that have already developed a sound and identity for themselves. If you haven’t heard all of the singles at this point, “Left On Deming” warrants a play, and you’ll want to hear it over and over when you listen to the full project together. Check out the EP below:

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