AUDIO: Ashley Lauren – “Alive”

Ashley Lauren inspires with her latest release ‘Alive’. It comes with a potent message, and the quality which is on display is extraordinary.

Hailing from New York, Ashley has already seen considerable success for her previous releases, and she picks up where she left off here with ‘Alive’. It kicks off with a gradually increasing synth arrangement which sounds as though it is playing backwards; I enjoy this effect because we do not hear it all too often these days.

Vocally, Ashley rises with genuine conviction. She gets underway with a gentle approach, and her beautiful tones glide through the airwaves with confidence. Ashley then steps up the pace and unleashes an even more powerful performance in the verse with her expressing a message of joy. Although paradoxical, she does delve into a more solemn area with her singing about how the world can be dull at times (I am sure we can all relate at the moment). But, she explains that thanks to a special someone, they keep her feeling alive.

Musically, ‘Alive’ is empowering. Also, it comes with an anthemic direction which jumps out instantly. Also, Ashley cleverly fuses her love for gospel music along the way. Furthermore, towards the latter, we hear the music take a step back, and the vocals resonate out with a clapping sample being present in the background, similar to what you may come to expect at Sunday service.

Overall, ‘Alive’ is ticking all of my boxes. It is compelling, and I can genuinely feel the emotion within Ashley’s performance. Also, she takes on a new path, and it is great to see an artist staying away from the status quo.

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