AUDIO: Da Poloman – “Love At First Sight”

Da Poloman and Sara Alavi are back, and they come with their smashing new hit ‘Love At First Sight’.

It is the first track I have reviewed by the pair, and they have left me in a state of awe ever since the first listen. Furthermore, ‘Love At First Sight’ gets the emotion flowing instantly. It kicks off with a serene piano harmony which comes in angelic style. A string arrangement then appears before the track moves forward with a contemporary hip hop beat.

Sara Alavi soon jumps out, taking us into a reflective realm. She sings with passion and her vocal, although distant in the mix speaks volumes. Da Poloman then leaps out with determination, and his rap is inspirational. Also, he does not just deliver a strong rap performance, but he expresses a sharp story. As a result, he proves the importance of being a potent storyteller in the rap space, and he leaves no room for confusion with his full delivery.

As the track progresses, Sara delves deeper into her vocal range, and she lends an unforgivable performance regularly. However, I would love to hear more of Sara in the piece because she only appears to sing a few lines and a verse from the singer could have added more flavour to the already flavoursome record.

Nevertheless, it is a Da Poloman release. Therefore, it makes sense for him to take the focal position. Also, he does leave a long-lasting indent; consequently, I do understand the direction they parade structurally. As the track comes to its closing stages, we head back to a similar melody to the opener, and it concludes just as smooth as it began.

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