AUDIO: Suman – “Crazy Over You”

Suman and Ayo Beatz team up for new single ‘Crazy Over You’. Suman, who found success with her previous track ‘Eyes On You’ with KC Pozzy, has taken a new direction here with an irresistible sound.

Suman gets the show on the road with a dancehall vibe. Also, it follows a similar opener to the majority of other tracks popping in the scene currently. It gradually increases and sounds as though it is coming up from beneath the water, I relish this effect because it works so well, and it leads us into the hook entirely.

Vocally, Suman arrives with conviction, and her vocal performance is mesmerising. As a result, she is giving the bigger hitters a genuine run for their money with her passion being on display. Furthermore, she drives the track forward with catchy melodies, and her tone is awe-inspiring.

However, it is not just the vocal which stands out like a beacon. Moreover, the music foundation is robust, and the backbeat gets us tapping along instantly. Also, the track picks up pace regularly, and it blends the perfect mix of soft and hard to make for the most exquisite cocktail.

The chorus is the real breadwinner on this track, it is repetitive, but it works, and it does not sit out of place on the current chart show. Also, it leaves a long-lasting impression with its sharper than a serpents tooth hook.

Overall, this track ticks all the right boxes for any hip hop and dancehall enthusiast. Also, it fuses nostalgic vibes with contemporary hooks perfectly, and it leads us into the new chapter for the up and coming British starlet.

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