AUDIO: Julia Thomsen – “Beauty Inside And Out”

London has produced some of the most beautiful music composers the world has witnessed. But, we have a new name rising to the occasion with an infectious songwriting quality which will leave you itching for more. Furthermore, Scottish born ‘Julia Thomsen’ who now lives in London, is flying the flag for modern music composers and her take on music is exhilarating.

‘Sea Energise’ is the latest EP from the star and one of the tracks which is standing out to me with its shimmering light is ‘Beauty Inside And Out’. It is a track which takes us on a journey with its gentle and calming structure. Also, it opens up our imagination with a dreamy landscape feel providing lots of mystique.

Kicking off the piece is a warm and hearty piano melody which cements the influence deeply. It boasts a natural timbre, and it reflects the beauty of nature and life with its compelling position. A harmonic orchestral like arrangement then rises out of the mix and adds even more poignancy to the already emotional sound.

From the intro, we are then in for a thrill with a crashing inner section which pushes us further into the adventure. It is mighty, and the instruments sound meaningful with their bold conditions. As the track progresses, it grows even more profound with new sounds appearing and a direction which omits an indent.

Overall, Julia’s new EP is a force which can catapult us out of the craziness of the modern world. Also, it includes some of the most elegant tracks gracing our airwaves recently, therefore do not look any further if you are looking for a neo-classical treat.

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