AUDIO: Jermaine Event – “The Grump”

Hip hop artist Jermaine Event is out with a new project – his first full-length body of work in almost two years. He takes us on a journey of growth and prosperity over pure old-school hip hop beats with interludes between. He raps about the sun shining differently than it used to – perhaps a metaphor for the times changing culturally and politically, elaborated on with tracks such as “Pop” and “Kaepernick.” He reflects on whether he would’ve done things differently in the past but now he’s happy with where he’s at. The final track is a love letter to Milwaukee where he expresses frustration that our city gets no love from the outside. Jermaine Event is also a podcaster and makes some references to his show here. It’s a solid body of work where Jermaine Event is truly living in the present.

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