AUDIO: NDX – “Moves”

Near Death Experience are back with their latest track ‘Moves’. It follows the bands highly acclaimed single ‘Conquer’ which spread the band’s trademark sound like wildfire.

This new track takes us down an original path with a unique sound popping to the forefront. Cleverly, they stay true to their previous backlog but yet they bring even more funk and charm on this piece. It has a feel-good sentiment to it, and it is hard not to find yourself moving to its infectious beat and nail-biting rhythm.

It starts with lead singer ‘Ian Whiteling’ taking no prisoners. He sings with pure grit, we heard him delve into this space before, but he has never sounded rawer than he does with this offering. He sings with genuine confidence, and he catapults his class to the top. It is refreshing to hear him take such a self-assuring stance, especially when a lot of rock singers do not head into a realm of pure power.

The music grows as the track plays out. As a result, NDX proves that they have enormous strength musically. They are super tight and combined they synergise tremendously well. It is almost like the group were born to come together to make music. Also, they hit each note with charisma and their flows out of from the get-go.

Lyrically, it is witty, and they prove prevalent with simple yet powerful words. Again, they sing about a leading woman who has an irresistible charm. However, I would love to hear them delve into a new space of storytelling because I can imagine they have heaps of stories to recount given their experience in the music industry.

Overall, a top-class rock hit. You can take a listen to ‘Moves’ below. Also, be sure to pre-save the track ahead of the big release on 14th August.

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