Sonic Fuel Reaches the Top with New Single “I Will Rise”

By Deuce

Judging by its latest release, “Still I Rise”, it’s hard to imagine anything holding Sonic Fuel, a relatively recently formed band by front man David Hales, down for long. The sheer emotion, energy, and intensity of the single that dropped on June 15 belie any sort of restraint for long, particularly with the series of performances turned in on this one.

Both Hales and fellow rhythm guitarist Chris Robbins are nothing short of incendiary when making these instruments wail to their workmanship. But if that’s the case, then what can be said for the string manipulations of lead guitarist Andy Wood? Wood’s wizardry rises, as it were, atop the other two’s to takeover the track with playing that’s both melodic and frenzied, if such a thing were possible. Near the end of the choruses and towards the completion of the tune Wood’s the one to watch for, and is sure to be a fan favorite with live performances.

Seth Hales (related to Dave possibly—probably?) makes it happen on the cue sticks, banging away as the principal driver of the sextet. Julius Blue holds down the keys while Burton Akers mirrors the guitar rampage on a bass that does nothing but propel the number forward, full steam and smoke rising in its wake.

As convincing as this combination of players and musicians is, it’s difficult to deny that the group’s front man is arguably the most eminent of them with his resounding vocals. His voice is at times overwhelming, always heartfelt, and an organic conveyer of both the message and might of the music encapsulated on “Rise”. It’s not hard to actually feel what Hale’s saying, or singing, or bellowing in some parts, which makes the cut all the more convincing and demonstrative of a revival of the true spirit of rock and roll—which didn’t necessarily perish somewhere along the lines of the decline of the previous century.

With this sort of intensity you just know the full length album’s got to be a mere step or two away—or at least it should be. Hopefully “I Will Rise” is just a precursor of things to come for the group that formed last year and will last well into the present decade.

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