AUDIO: Jared Spiegelhoff – “One Minute of Chaos”

In one of the most left field releases we’ve come across this year, improvisational noise artist Jared Spiegelhoff’s new project is a collaboration with many other sonic wizards. He juxtaposes glitch noise with field recordings in one-minute-long tracks; each track utilizes recordings provided by a different artist (although three of the twenty tracks are him alone). Artists Josh Backes, Brandon Buhr, Dustin Boyer, Barry Paul Clark, David Collins, Nicholas Elert, Warren Enström, Jon Homontowski, Jinsang Hong, Krystian Kalinowski, Robert Puccini, Trevor Saint, Steve Schlei, Amanda Schoofs, C. Olivia Valenza, Peter J. Woods, and Xai Osa are all part of this. The noise zaps just barrage down on the casual and unsuspecting field recordings in a totally phantasmagorical way (Buhr’s recording is of a Joe Rogan interview!). The album had been influenced by Spiegelhoff’s music composition studies with Schoofs and Enstrom.

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