AUDIO: Chakara Blu Ft. Zed Kenzo – “Over (Remix)”

Not too long ago hip hop artist Chakara Blu dropped an extended cut of the final track off her album “1996,” and with Zed Kenzo on a verse. The song itself is about it being “over” for anyone trying to compete with Blu. In order to create, she can’t be sober, so she rolls up a spliff to get “higher than a blimp.” Kenzo raps about being on the same level as Blu, counting her own blessings. It’s a collaboration emphasizing how one not only has to feel mentally right but have earned the confidence in order to win in the music game. Once you’re in that headspace, though, you feel on top of the world. The two rappers light up the room with their empowering words here. We hope it inspires you in the same way.

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