AUDIO: Social Caterpillar – “(Distance)”

Chamber folk band Social Caterpillar are out with a new single and it’s full of the metaphoric wonder the band is known for. While the first track seems to be esoterically about the little pockets of growth in a place otherwise stagnant, the second track is a lament for the systemic violence our country is complicit in and that the bleakness of the world is so “cold.” Releases like these are exactly what Milwaukee music needs right now – that we live in an uncertain, chaotic period in both our local and national history and sometimes all we can do is plead out of despair. However, we find beauty and hope in tiny manifestations like the “flowers of a city that break through cracks in concrete.” Personifying nature in an urban landscape can help us remember that the world will always find a way to keep growing. We laud Social Caterpillar for yet another great release and look forward to hearing what they will do next.

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