AUDIO: Bridges of Konigsberg – “The Celebrity Veto”

Harsh noise trio Bridges of Konigsberg had planned to tour this summer until the pandemic threw a wrench in that. They instead decided to put together a new album, while distant from one another, venturing into territory even left field for them. They remixed, tampered with, and enhanced each other’s compositions “studio trickery” style, culminating into some truly mind-boggling noise improv and drones meant to speak to the tipping point we are currently living through. The title is especially fitting considering the idolatry of public figures is more than ever being dissected. Many of the cuts here are as long as typical pop songs but feature chaotic glitches, metallic bloops, tense vocal samples, and even some IDM elements in that time frame. It’s a profoundly creative release from Bridges of Konigsberg and a must-listen for anyone experiencing chronic societal dysphoria. All proceeds are going directly to Milwaukee protests against police brutality and structural racism.

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