VIDEO: Fuzzysurf – “She Was Crying Sugar”

Indie rockers Fuzzysurf have developed a reputation for putting out impressive videos that are just about as addicting as the songs they write, and their latest, “She Was Crying Sugar” is no exception. The bar continues to get raised by the band, as well as directors/animators Tommy Simms and Joe Ludwig of Simwig Films. This time around, we get a stop-motion video for the song, featuring animated characters Sweetie and Sugar Daddy retrieving their lost gummy worm throughout a land of candy. The band also makes a cameo, in theme with the 1930’s animation inspiration, in full barbershop quartet garb. Fuzzysurf continue to impress with their commitment to putting their best foot forward on every release, and they truly have pushed themselves to be in a league of their own. Check out “She Was Crying Sugar” below:

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