AUDIO: Tali Shear – “Fool”

Tali Shear is fresh off the back of her new single ‘Fool’. Within only a few days, it has already racked up a considerable amount of traction, and it is evident to see why. She brings a quality which we have not heard in recent times. She has taken a hint of the greats but yet created something new and distinct to herself.

Taking the opener is a hard-hitting and robust piano lead which instantly grabs and does not let go. It has a chilled aura which fastens us in and takes us on a ride. Vocally, Tali greats us with open arms. She sings with a genuine sentiment which many will find hard to shake off. Speaking about being taken for a ‘Fool’, Tali really opens up on this piece and leaves nothing at the door. It is refreshing to hear the integrity she delivers, and I am sure many will resonate with her bold lyricism.

Structurally, the track does follow a relatively generic pattern. It is nothing hugely out of the ordinary, but it works well. It follows a similar theme to what we hear in Emeli Sandé tracks with just a piano and vocal being present in the mix but yet it is no replica. As a result, Tali, adds in her own style, and while finding influence, she has created a sound which is unique to herself. So hats off to her for that.

Overall, the track stands out in its own light. There is nothing complicated about it but the delivery in which Tali puts out is inspirational and uplifting whilst paradoxically being deep too. It is not one to miss out on, especially if you crave the finest and most emotional pop. You can check out ‘Fool’ by Tali Shear below.

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