AUDIO: No Serial Killer – “We’re All Going 2 Die”

Not long ago, I was curious if the sound No Serial Killer provide would make a comeback and it was a gift to my ears the minute I clicked play on their new track ‘We’re All Going 2 Die’.

I am not one who usually reviews a track like this, but I knew I had to after a few plays. It brings a nostalgic yet modern vibe which I could not resist. Yes, they have not created a prototype, but yet they have created a hybrid of all things superb. The intro has a 70s feel, with a jagged rhythm and a foot-stomping piano lead which makes for the perfect opener. But, the table gets flipped, and the vocal takes the vibe into an entirely different direction. Vocally, it is soft, almost angelic and very straightforward yet creative in the approach.

Does it feel like a jumble sale at times? Yes, but that works. Everything kind of goes on this track and nothing would probably sound amiss here. Also, the blend of humour evokes a new emotion with us one minute feeling the doom and gloom of the lyrics and then instantly being picked up by a quirky instrumental piece.

The guitar is a stand out for me; it shines here. A.K.M, who is the creator of the project, appears to have drafted in one of the most relaxed and slickest guitar players around, and it makes for a substantial addition. As a result, it isn’t easy to find yourself not reaching for the air guitar and rocking around the room. But, what makes it even more spectacular is that this is just one of the flavours coming out of their 30 track album. As a result, there is many more like this one and even more to get excited about too. You can listen to ‘We’re All Going 2 Die’ by No Serial Killer below.

No Serial Killer by No Serial Killer

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