AUDIO: Meg Lawrenson – “Use My Body”

‘Use My Body’ is the latest track to come from the British indie-pop newcomer Meg Lawrenson. She takes us on a journey back through her past, and she delivers a contagious vocal along the way.

Speaking about a loved one who did not stick around, she stands out with her compelling vocal approach. She sings with an agitation which many of us will resonate with, and her performance is not one to be missed. Starting with a bold introduction, ‘Use My Body’ is the medicine for anyone seeking the freshest in indie-pop. But, also, indie rock lovers will savour this one too and being an avid guitar player myself, I could not help but find myself strumming my air guitar in the opener.

Photo by Alice Pierre

Stating that she has a regret, the singer will have no regrets with this track. It enthrals, and although it is nothing too far from the box, it does add her own stamp with her distinct attributes poking out. The singer is still fresh in the scene, but that is not holding her back, and each release she drops gets more significant and profound. But, I want to hear Meg stick to a sound and delve into its space even further. Furthermore, it is not the first track I have listened to from Meg, and each one takes her into a new realm, which is excellent at showing her diverse qualities. But, if she should stick to a sound in the future, I think it should be this one.

So, overall a track which I find hard to fault. It comes with plenty of quality, and Meg’s attitude to music is incredible. But, I am also keen to hear what type of sound she goes with on her next. You can check out ‘Use My Body’ by Meg Lawrenson below.

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