AUDIO: Lorde Fredd33 – “Jumper”

In his recent releases, Lorde Fredd33 has been giving us anything but hip hop, pushing the boundaries of his artistry into whatever he feels like making. His new track is “Jumper”, a two-minute, visceral burst of energy and emotion that feels like the release of built up tension. The piece is rooted in soul, with a bass tone and harmonies giving way to something completely different, with rave-esque drum and bass patterns exploding out of that introduction. There seems to be no regard for retaining any sort of consistent sound or tone with his new work, and frankly, that’s transforming his sound into having no specific sound at all. Lorde Fredd33 is unhinged creatively, and we’re getting a whole new direction from him. Check out “Jumper” below:

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