AUDIO: Complex – “Where We Came From”

What I love most about finding a new artist is taking in their story. It is one of the elements of a track which sets it apart from the rest. Luckily, I came across the new release ‘Where We Came From’ by Complex. It provides us with a clear insight into the Hip Hop names upbringing, and it delivers in grand style.

If you are a fan of heartfelt hip hop, then this one is for you. Our British readers will probably resonate most with the lyricism though. Complex talks about hanging around the local shops and getting through his childhood the best he could. Also, it is evident that it has not always been easy for Complex, but without going through what he has, he would not be the Hip Hop name we know today.

‘Where We Came From’ starts with a gentle approach. It boasts a heavenly child-like sample playing out and a gradually increasing piano lead. A bass line then shines through the speakers with a funky rhythm. Complex then opens up with a strong vocal performance. He starts singing in a traditional style but then he delves into a spoken rap which reminds me of ‘Mike Skinner from The Streets.

The chorus is where the magic happens. It is where Complex really hammers home his message. He is looking back at his past, and his emotion can almost be felt with each word he carries. His rapping technique is intelligent, and he hits the sweet spot many times.

Overall, it is a very compelling narrative which Complex has. He takes us back to his previous days, and he does it remarkably well with each nail-biting lyric. You can check out ‘Where We Came From’ by Complex below.

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