AUDIO: Tacoma Washington Weekday Club – “ANdNowYoureAlmostLiving”

The sound and direction of indie rockers Tacoma Washington Weekday Club is transforming, and as the band continues to gain power, that comes to the light on their new album “AndNowYoureAlmostLiving”. The twelve song release features singles “Singularity” and “Everyone”, the latter of which provides an explosive beginning to the record. There’s loads of angst, including the new addition of screamo vocals like the aforementioned singles and “LastRites”. Hidden within all of the aggression of this record is an underlying dark theme and a touch towards more politically charged material as well. There’s a growing frustration in this collection of songs, and that finds ways to appear within the course of the album. Tacoma Washington Weekday Club continue to grow, shift and develop, and we hear the latet iteration of that growth on the release, which you can check out below:

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