VIDEO: Fuzzysurf – “I Don’t Dream Anymore”

Fuzzysurf are back with a new single and video, “I Don’t Dream Anymore”, and as per usual, they go above and beyond with their latest visuals. The song has a higher tempo, and carries many of the same qualities that made the band’s “Fuzzy And The Surfs” record so addicting. For the video, the band are animated monsters, stuck at work, daydreaming of past conquests. It’s the work of Isaiah Malnory-Brown, though it almost feels like an homage to Maurice Sendak with the visual style. Altogether, it’s another top-notch video from a band that puts a ton of effort into everything that they do, and another glimpse of an upcoming record that we’ll likely have stuck in our heads for a long time. Check out “I Don’t Dream Anymore” below:

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