AUDIO: Quron Payne – “Brief Intermission”

Quron Payne is back with a new project where he reflects heavily on where he is at in life and making it as far as he has. Payne has a unique hip hop and pop fusion sound that utilizes everything from guitars to soulful choruses to dark, rumbling bass. The song “My High” is about loving someone and working extra hard to provide for them, “Never Want to See You Cry” is a lament for his lover in times of despair, and in “Words from the Wise” Payne credits the women in his life for teaching him the most valuable advice. These themes of love and success are timely for Payne, as he has just graduated undergrad and is now on his way to law school. We wish Quron Payne the utmost success and greatly appreciate that he put together this project to remind everyone what they are working towards in life.

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