AUDIO: The Red Flags – “Dart Bummin Lizard”

Janesville rockers The Red Flags recently returned with their first full length album, “Dart Bummin Lizard”, the eagerly anticipated follow up to their debut EP, which came out last year. From the get-go, the album brings all the energy of a Red Flags live show, anchored by hard hitting drums and distortion-heavy lo-fi guitars. The band is known for putting every last ounce of themselves into their shows, and that can often be hard to accurately replicate on a record, but The Red Flags manage to capture that without sounding sloppy in the process. You get the feeling of a basement jam session that you never want to leave, which is The Red Flags in a nutshell. As a whole, “Dart Bummin Lizard” feels more dialed in than their initial effort, “Summer Dirties”, and we can’t wait to see them perform this material live soon. Check out the album below:

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