AUDIO: Johanna Rose – “Only Good Nites”

Since striking out on her own, Johanna Rose has already put out a DIY EP, “Postponedalone”, and now another project at the beginning of May, “Only Good Nites”. This three-song installment picks up where the previous release left off, with a more polished approach overall. The intimacy and power of “Postponedalone” carries over, though, with the acoustic tracks giving Rose’s vocals a chance to shine. The combination of strings, acoustic guitar, and layered vocals feel brighter than the last project, especially on tracks like “The One That I Call”, which at points feels like it was transported from a different era with retro-feeling backing vocals. “Only Good Nites” feels like a more proper build upon Rose’s first solo release, and overall is a reminder of the talent that brought her name to prominence in Milwaukee in the first place.

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