AUDIO: RatBatSpider – “Day Of The RatBatSpider”

Horror punk band RatBatSpider are back with a new album, “Day Of The RatBatSpider”, and it makes you yearn for a simpler time in punk rock. One look at the band, and you can tell that there’s a heavy influence from The Misfits, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Listening to this album makes you consider what The Misfits would have sounded like had they continued on with the lineup that brought them to prominence, rather than falling into a spiral of diluted versions of that lineup later on. The album is also the third in a trilogy called the Cryptoid Trilogy, with albums “Night of the Sharksquatch” and “Dawn of the Chupacoctupus” preceding it. RatBatSpider take punk rock to a different, sci-fi like realm, and it helps that the music holds up to the standard of the image, as well. Check out “Day Of The RatBatSpider” below:

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