AUDIO: No Show Cadillac – “When We Meet The Man About The Horse”

Indie folk act No Show Cadillac is back with a new album, “When We Meet The Man About The Horse”, and it’s nothing short of captivating. With seven songs in total, topping out at just under a half hour run time, the album plays with all the drama of a grizzled, older man telling you stories of where his life has twisted and turned with a ringing guitar serving as your soundtrack. The downtrodden vocal performance from Connor Scaro is enough to evoke sympathy from the listener, but also compels you to keep listening as to where things are going. The album’s title track serves as the closer for the project as well, which feels like a grand ending to an epic played out over the course of a half hour. Check out “When We Meet The Man About The Horse” below:

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