AUDIO: Assault & Battery – “The West”

Milwaukee punks Assault & Battery are back with a new EP, which they had intended for an upcoming 7″. The physical copies are still being prepared, but the band didn’t want to waste time with “The West”, as many of the songs feel fitting for the current days of isolation and quarantine, and the anger that comes with that. You hear that on the four-track release, which could best be described as power-punk, with plenty of angst being held in for a cathartic release on these recordings. There’s loads of energy, and gang vocals aplenty, but the true fierceness of this EP comes from the vocal performances, with screams that feel like every last ounce of effort is put into conveying the insanity of these times. Look for the physical copies of “The West” in the future, and you can check out the EP here below:

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